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Diversity & Inclusion should never be     
the afterthought 
of  innovation 
instead, it should be the foundation.



About Me

As an immigrant to the United States, I have spent much time educating myself so that I can help others and create a more accessible, inclusive, and equitable world.


My background led me to creating a company, We Hear You®,  that creates accessibility-focused technology. My first product is an American Sign Language translator the allows those who utilize ASL to communicate seamlessly with the hearing world around them. The second invention allows individuals to open handicap accessible doors with the press of their personal button - allowing accessibility to be truly accessible.

I believe that diversity and inclusion should never be the afterthought of innovation. This is why I spend my time traveling to hold DE&I trainings for various organizations and institutions in order to ensure I am doing my part in creating a more accessible and inclusive world for the generations to come. 

I advise companies
and provide training for industry professionals to create a more inclusive workplace.

I have been honored to work with nonprofit organizations, corporations, school systems, in addition to other groups. I have also enjoyed speaking for Keynote Addresses, Commencements, National Women's Day events, various strategic meetings, among other events. 

Please see interviews & articles here:

Pierre is a passionate and dedicated mentor, committed to guiding and inspiring the youth. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he provides invaluable guidance, encouraging the younger generation to explore their potential, set goals, and overcome challenges. 

Author of "Carden: The Wheelchair Warrior"




Take it from them:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training.  I believe there was a good mix of learning styles to accommodate all attendees.  Instead of giving us facts and stats and how to be more inclusive and create a diverse environment, he challenged us to think about our environment and what signs/signals we are giving.  He did an all-around great job!”
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