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Services are vast and flexible based on the organization's needs. The average training session is around 2 hours per session and many companies split their employees into several sections to create a more personal experience


Pierre is happy to meet with C-Suites or other leadership to consult on diversity issues as well as provide strategic guidance to the company. 


Corporate Training Session

Pierre loves working with employees both in large group settings and in smaller, more personal settings. 


Education System Training

Pierre is passionate about the US educational system and loves working with educational administrators to ensure they are providing an inclusive experience for all students.


Student Training

Pierre has spent years mentoring in various capacities and loves seeing the impact he can have on young adults. His background in diversity gives him a tremendous lens in which he can genuinely connect with and help students. 


Spoken Word & Music

Pierre and co-creative, Jamal Stevenson, are a dynamic duo whose spoken word and musical performances captivate audiences, delivering powerful messages through their unique blend of poetry, music, and soulful expression.

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